Four Block Drop v2.0.0 Update

Since playing the fantastic Tetris Effect for the first time, I felt the urge to come back to working on Four Block Drop. In this large update I corrected many inaccuracies with the original implementation, exposed a great deal of customization options, and added controller support.

Some new game modes of note:

Tiny Marathon

Play a typical marathon game in a 5x10 playfield. This switches things up a bit, making each piece's placement even more critical than the main game. See if you can get to the end. I haven't been able to yet.

Block Race

See how fast you can place a fixed number of blocks. You'll have to find a healthy mix between placing blocks quickly and accurately, as setting up multi-line clears is less important than in the main game.

Goat Man

Try to reach level 999 in this game mode where both clearing lines and placing blocks contribute to your level.  But watch out, as increasing your level will increase the drop speed until they land immediately on the stack upon creation. Can you reach the mythical goat man status?

* Controller support.
* Added support for IHS and IRS.
* Added preview length options (0-5).
* Added several block random generation options.
* Added several block layout/rotation options.
* Added block race mode.
* Added multiple block appearance options.
* Added support for firm/sonic lock.
* Added support for different block generation heights.
* Added support for different play field sizes.
* Made side statistics more relevant based on game mode.
* Added support for legacy lockdown option.
* Visual flavor on main menu.
* Added countdown screen.
* Added sound effect for lockdown begin.

Bug Fixes/Accuracy Improvements:
* Added top out and lock out lose conditions.
* Made 1989 mode random generation more accurate.
* Made 1989 mode use locking soft drop.
* Made 1989 mode 18 rows high.
* Made 1989 mode generate blocks in correct place.
* Made 1989 locking more accurate.
* Fixed 1989 scoring to include soft drop.
* Time limit mode is no longer time attack.
* Fixed SRS rotations inverting the Y offset of kicks (whoops.)

Stuff Nobody Cares About:
* Refactored input system.
* Separated out game logic from rendering logic (mostly).


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Jan 07, 2020

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