is a frantic typing game made to be played in only 20 seconds.


You have 20 seconds. 

For each prompt, type an English word that meets the criteria above. Words that you have used for an earlier criteria cannot be used again later.


Your score is made up of three components:

  • How many words correctly entered.
  • The length of each word.
  • The time left on the clock if 20 words have been entered.

For each word you enter, you will get points added to your score equal to the number of words you've already entered. On the eighth word, you get eight points. On the fourteenth, fourteen.

Additionally, you will get points equal to the number of letters in the word. For the first letter, you get one point. For the second, two. For every letter after that, an additional three.

For example, if the word "WASTES" was entered as the fifth word, it would score 20 points.

5.W A S T E S


5 because it was the fifth word entered, and the remaining 15 based on the length of the word.

If you manage to enter 20 words, you will get 5 points for every tenth of a second left on the clock.


You can toggle to 20 WORDS // ?? SECONDS mode by pressing 'c' at the main menu. It removes the time limit and lets you try to maximize your score without the time constraints. Press 'c' to toggle back (or just refresh the page).


This game was made by Kevin Hutchins for the 20 Second Game Jam 2023 using the ENABLE word list.

My high score is 264. What's yours?

Let me know how you heard about this game. I have no idea where you all came from!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
AuthorKevin Hutchins
Made withPhaser
TagsArcade, High Score, Typing
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast

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uh elements of the periodic table aren't working as well as countries? (i tried france, belgium, thalium, and scandinavium and none worked)

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I tried typing the longest word in english


I did that as well on any word but it didn't work.

I can't get past 12 lol
Fun game!


my score is 6 (wow im so fast #REAL)


How are people typing 1 word per second


This game is really addictive! I've played through a few times. I wish 'que' and 'november' count as words tho

Why does it not keep a running total of your high score?  Everytime I play, it starts over with 0 as a high score.  How do you keep your high score?

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Great game, took me about 2 hours but i finally was able to beat it. Here was my winning result.

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Love this. But I think 'text' should count as a word that contains X, no? And other words I played that I think should have been accepted: 'ionize' for word containing 'ion'; 'sexuality' and 'tax' for a words containing x; 'lousy' for word containing 'ous,' and some others too. But this is addicting and fun! 


My first attempt had an interesting result 🤣

I learned about this game from the Tom Scott newsletter since the creator asked. It really is quite fun!

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I managed to get through all 20 words and scored 431! Really fun game! I heard about it via a friend sending a link to a Discord server.


Is anyone else stuck with weird letters?


Nice, I love typing games! My best is 151


best score 7.


Ok, I think I've 100% the game:

(This is a real game, but played by a computer. My real best score currently is 208. Just wanted to see how far this game can be pushed. Also it's a very nice game btw)

lol “aarrghh”?? “aahed” haha


It's the first 7 letter and 5 letter "words" :p

Addictive and amazing game! I love playing it. My one piece of criticism though is there are some legitimate words which aren’t accepted, for example: epilate, heterochromia (that I’ve discovered so far). If this could be resolved, that’d be incredible. Nonetheless, excellent work and thank you for sharing!

My PB is 348. Very fun game with no major issues beyond there being some delays in between the next question loading that do seem to make it questionably possible to get to question 20. I could be wrong though!

I managed to get 316


Is it just me? This game pulls words out of my head I didn't even think I knew?

Managed 309, pretty proud of myself

This is very good, but I do think "Zen" should count for a word which begins with Z. 

Zen is a proper noun, which is probably why.

Lost one game on `Any word` x) This game is so addictive <3

After many attempts, my high score came out to 180. I will try to get further in the future. I am very disappointed in myself. (joking)

This is really fun, I'll make sure to play it again now and then!


fun game i think thats the highest anyone has gotten

Hi! We played your game on stream and really enjoyed it!



Spent a while on this, got 121 so far. Great game.

Really well done! Stressful in a great way! So much harder than it seems like it should be.

Have to join in, this is a really fun and well thought out game! Wordle prepeared me for 5 letters so I was stumped at 6-7. I like the strategy of finding go-to words for prompts, make you always want to go faster and faster!

Record: 115 points

Would love to come back to this later (and also play a PICO-8 remake!!)

totally agree with you on the strategy and managed to get 171 using it

Great little game! Cool concept, polished and insanely high replay value! Well done! 

cool idea! definitely motivates the player to play again and try for a higher score.


Stressful!  But a great entry. :)

Very polished! Good job. This little game is addictive.
I'm not an English speaker so it was a little tougher for me, but I manadged to score 93))

WOW! This game is very challenging and difficult! I'm afraid I was only able to get 72, heh! Nice job!

Very fun game, nice work!