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I signed up just to make this comment, what a clever and hilarious idea paired up with a really fun and challenging design. Did you write this yourself? What little of the script I could read while frantically following the walking-talking really felt like it fell right out of Aaron Sorkin's brain. A real feat, thank you for making this! 

Thanks for signing up to comment on this. It means a lot. The section with the best writing (Portents) was pretty directly inspired by this scene, where the general structure and general beats are the same, although it deviated more as I went through the scene. The other ones weren't directly influenced by any scene, but I wouldn't be surprised if some influences slipped in. The Spooktacular was, of course, directly lifted from season 3 episode 22, when ghosts take over the west wing.


Congratulations for your results in TVGameJam - I didn't talk to much about your entry but I liked it and it was SO original&fitting - my congratulations .-)