What a Card! is a series of card-based microgames featuring 50+* different game modes. It was made for the LOWREZJAM, a jam where you have to make a game in 64x64 pixels or less. See how many levels you can beat before the increasing difficulty proves too much for you.

This game is played entirely using the mouse. Just start the game and follow the instructions on the screen.

I had fun with LOWREZJAM last year (with a very different pace and tone), and this time I decided I'd also limit myself to a restricted palette as well, which is why you'll see things like dithered fades instead of using transparency.

Tired of losing?

Try forever mode, where there's no game overs and the difficulty adjusts to you.

A game mode giving you trouble?

No problem! Try it out by itself in practice mode and come back to the main mode ready to show it what for.

Want to see it unscaled?

Change the scale multiplier down to 1 in the options menu or by using -/+ on your keyboard. Due to engine limitations, this will not center it vertically. My apologies.

Like the music? Check out the people who made it:

Joth: Title theme & some in-game tracks
Juhani Junkala: Rest of in-game tracks

Enjoy this? Try some of my similar games:

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  • Type It!+: Try to keep up with the on-screen words.
  • The Appeasement of Cyclus: Dodge enemies while trying to collect enough apples to appease the god of cycles.

* Similar to how game collections you'd find in the budget area of a store would advertise 100+ games.  As in, a good deal of them are very similar. If you were going by distinct game types, it's more like 10. This small print is only for entertainment value, and its presence is intended as a joke.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorKevin Hutchins
Made withPhaser
TagsArcade, LOWREZJAM, microgames, minigames, Mouse only, Short, Singleplayer, warioware
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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Wow very fast pace! Kind of reminds me of Wario Ware! Good job!